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Drawing in layers for deeper expression

How can one overcome the hurdle of flatness in a drawing? Isn’t the surface, mostly a kind of paper, pushing somehow to flatness?
There are the skills of an artist to mimic a three dimensional perception, based on what and how we learned to see the outer world: by shadows and light and by distorted shapes were our brain already learned from experience to see more than for example just a rectangle with two distorted rectangles alongside it: we see a cube!

EPSON MFP image And further our cognition skills see beyond the flatness. But only if this reflects our experienced and learned objects. A young child is more free here as it it doesn’t need to adhere to those learned patterns. For example the table with all legs stretching out at right angle into all four directions. An adult wants to see the table legs all going into one direction – downwards.

EPSON MFP imageSo far the theory.

What can a contemporary artist do to stretch the patterns and find new expressions of non-flatness?
Coming from the exhibition about Egon Schiele and Jenny Saville the in Kunsthaus Zurich , Switzerland, I found other ways to give the perception of non-flatness. One could overlap multiple drawings on top of each other, assuming that those layers are transparent or translucent.
Another way is done by Jenny Saville in her work ‘Oxyrhynchus – Untitled 2014’:

Overlaying images, oil and charcoal, intermitting, movement. All this together gives a multidimensional picture of even more than one object solely. Intriguing in its mere perception.

I think I will consider this in my own and further works.



Juried exhibition – Silhouettes

I participated this month to the ‘Silhouettes’ show

with Linues Galleries.Art Contest Call for Entries Silhouettes




As described:

 ‘Silhouettes create a striking contrast between the subject and its environment.  They can be very informative, reveal a teasing amount of detail or communicate complete anonymity; in all cases, leaving the viewer intrigued.’

Here is one of the paintings I submitted:

©Stefan J Schaffeld – gouache on paper – 70x50cm (28x20”)
©Stefan J Schaffeld – gouache on paper – 70x50cm (28×20”)

Color expressive abstracts juried exhibition

You can see 5 of my works at the current  juried exhibition with the Contemporary Art Gallery.  The theme of the exhibition is Color

© Stefan J Schaffeld, Soulscape #248, gouache on paper, 70x50cm
© Stefan J Schaffeld, Soulscape #248 – Gouache on pape – 70x50cm


Inspiration from A. Jawlensky exhibition in Emden

This weekend we went to the exhibition “Jawlensky Horizon” in Emden, Germany. As it was Sunday and the last day for the exhibition, so it was pretty crowded.

According to the Kunsthalle Emden the exhibition was marking 150th birthday of the Russian artist Alexej Jawlensky (13 March 1864 – 15 March 1941) and honoring the leading protagonist of Classical Modern Art.

Works exhibited were mainly from the years 1900-1914. They were shown with other influencing artists like Vincent van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Kees van Dongen, Maurice Vlaminck, Henri Matisse and others. Jawlensky got influenced and inspired by those artist who broke out from the mainstream realism and impressionist world.

It is quite impressive how the painter moves through time and discovering continuously new directions and expressions, to eventually finding his own unique style as a mature artist in his late 50s and 60s.

The essence for me is the transformation of images and the insight of the artist that he eventually found for himself: It is not the external reality of an object but rather the artist’s own soul that gets expressed through the pictures to the viewer’s world.

Unfortunately his later pictures were not shown, where Alexej Jawlensky went even further into abstraction and color expressions, e.g. Variations, his abstract head series (Mystic Heads, Faces of Saints), and Meditations.

As Always after visiting an exhibition I translate my experience into my own pictures and expressions. So here you can find the picture I did after my return home.

expressive figurative art by Stefan J Schaffeld, 70x50cm, gouache on paper
© Stefan J Schaffeld, gouache on paper, 70x50cm



For more insight the Kunsthalle published also video on their webpage ( – it is in german, but many images are shown.


There is another video on Jawlensky’s art (Young Girl in a Flowered Hat, 1910) that I would like to share here:

Expressive abstract paintings juried exhibition

Just to let you guys know that you can find some of my works in the Contemporary Art Gallery exhibition of Abstract Art. You can find the current exhibition (competition) under:

When you click on the picture you will redirected to the exhibtion of my 5 shown works:

Stefan J  Schaffeld - Soulscape #69 - Gouache on paper 50x70cm - Expressive abstract painting
©Stefan J Schaffeld – Soulscape #69 – Gouache on paper 50x70cm



African Masters from the Ivory Coast – Exhibition

During one of my recent stays in Zurich, Switzerland, I took the chance to visit the “African Masters” exhibition in the beautiful museum Riedberg. The museum is nicely located with a huge garden not far away from downtown.

The old african masters were truly artists with a personal touch to the way they carved the wood. More than 100 years later, the names of the masters are not always knows, but you can see the uniqueness of the works.

I felt very touched by the tribal masks in wood. immediate after my visit, I did some sketches in watercolor on paper.

African Masters-1
in reference to the master from Buafle, Ivory Coast watercolor on paper,23x30cm by Stefan J Schaffeld
African Masters-2
in reference to the master from Totokro, Ivory Coast watercolor on paper, 23x30cm by Stefan J Schaffeld