Healing power of creative Arts

Who would not be interested in the healing powers of creativity?  Creating art pieces is not a concept thing, sometimes yes. Some people might see it like that. More, and especially for me, creating of expressive works is the translation of the inner part that cannot speak and wants to express itself. Through the expression it is also a kind of healing, and by that a therapy for yourself. Quite strong, not always understood by others, but always touching.

Here you can find one expressive painting I did some time ago

expressive painting Looking out
gouache on paper, collage, 50x70cm by Stefan J Schaffeld

There is a quite unique and wonderful documentary on this topic. Please watch yourself.

If you would like to know more about Art as a  Therapy, follow the link: http://www.arttherapyblog.com/videos/art-as-therapy-documentary/

Art Therapy

 “no great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness” – aristotle

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