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Fall expression Hi there!

Welcome to my Artist blog.

I am a contemporary art painter, born in Eindhoven, Netherlands. My main work is to create  expressive abstract works mostly in gouache on paper. Besides this I am also painting in oil and make drawings and sketches in litho chalk or other expressive media. My background is most self-educated in classical drawing and painting skills.  You can see more of my work under my Portfolio (see side bar)

I am get inspired by my inner voice, my inner pictures, and the vibration of my soul. To give those a visible picture to the outer world, I let the creation and the balance of the unconsiousnes and consiousness develop into expressive art pieces as an act of transcription. I use media and tools that enable me to communicate in a flow without interruptions. My art pieces are the  direct expression of my inner world, my soul, my feelings, my body movement. I call my art creations Soulscapes. They are either creations from my internal world, my inner pictures or from translations of external influences and vibrations. So enjoy the translation and your soul and feelings will be touched. This is my blog, and here you will find  Soulscapes, and other works influenced by strong and touching experiences on my travel to exhibitions or other locations.  I do regular sketches, mostly from memory, as this enables my soul to touch the experience and to create.

Enjoy your visit to my blog,  and please comment and share freely and openly.

And do not forget to visit my other pages, as my Portfolio, and my social media pages.

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