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Healing power of creative Arts

Who would not be interested in the healing powers of creativity?  Creating art pieces is not a concept thing, sometimes yes. Some people might see it like that. More, and especially for me, creating of expressive works is the translation of the inner part that cannot speak and wants to express itself. Through the expression it is also a kind of healing, and by that a therapy for yourself. Quite strong, not always understood by others, but always touching.

Here you can find one expressive painting I did some time ago

expressive painting Looking out
gouache on paper, collage, 50x70cm by Stefan J Schaffeld

There is a quite unique and wonderful documentary on this topic. Please watch yourself.

If you would like to know more about Art as a  Therapy, follow the link:

Art Therapy

 “no great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness” – aristotle

Garden painting with expressive touch

What a beauty a garden is. How positive it can touches your soul and your emotions. There is so much beauty and inspiration coming from God’s creations that you watch humble how the various lives are growing and developing.
Is it not amazing how color can change your mood? While your inner part sometimes creates uneasiness, how wonderful those colors can make your other part more relaxed.
This truly touches my soul and leaves this colorful transformation to be seen by those who want to get inspired.

Gouache on paper, 70x50cm by Stefan J Schaffeld

Inspirational movements in a garden

On another trip to Zurich I went to the old botanical garden. Several sculptures from Claire Ochsner were exhibited in open space. It is the combination of nature and human creations that makes such a place so unique. The garden environment is so inspirational and you really can feel the intense vibration. That inspired me for this painting, expressing the vibration I felt at that time.

Elements that are winding up and exposed to the open space, are seeking for upwards movement. Captured in this sketchy painting.

Garden sculpture-1
Gouache on paper, 23x30cm by Stefan J Schaffeld

African Masters from the Ivory Coast – Exhibition

During one of my recent stays in Zurich, Switzerland, I took the chance to visit the “African Masters” exhibition in the beautiful museum Riedberg. The museum is nicely located with a huge garden not far away from downtown.

The old african masters were truly artists with a personal touch to the way they carved the wood. More than 100 years later, the names of the masters are not always knows, but you can see the uniqueness of the works.

I felt very touched by the tribal masks in wood. immediate after my visit, I did some sketches in watercolor on paper.

African Masters-1
in reference to the master from Buafle, Ivory Coast watercolor on paper,23x30cm by Stefan J Schaffeld
African Masters-2
in reference to the master from Totokro, Ivory Coast watercolor on paper, 23x30cm by Stefan J Schaffeld