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Expressive narrative in gouache

How to turn an emotional sensing, an idea into a narrative pictorial form? And how than to keep the imagination of the viewer further alert and open?

© Stefan J Schaffeld - Gouache on paper - 5 x 70x100cm (27.5 x 39.4")
© Stefan J Schaffeld – Gouache on paper – 5 x 70x100cm (27.5 x 39.4″)

With an experimental approach in gouache on paper, mostly executed with my naked fingers, the idea came across my mind during a visit of a swimming pool in Switzerland at the ‘Lake of Lucerne’.

Swimming is an free flowing act like the water you are in or the soul that moves around. It does not hold you back, only when you reach the boarder of the pool to turn or to climp out after finishing your turns in water.

Water, free flowing inside the pool and coming out from the shower.

Where am I in this? There is a story perhaps to tell. Perhaps it is just as free flowing without a limit. Or I am just about to leave the picture plane myself for find other images…

You are welcome to find your own story here, with your own experiences, with your own emotions. The flatness although representational form of my paintings should not keep you too long in a story.

‘Traces’ – an art story to tell

During my ongoing painting works and experiences I leave traces behind. As all people leave small traces behind, often not even recognized as such. But we also take traces on our way. Small traces that forensics love when investigating a crime scene. Our shoes picking up traces from the ground we walk on. Our clothes taken up traces when they are touched.

This is a continuous theme that I am thinking about how to express it in artistic way.  I started with what I leave behind in my studio. Spatters on surfaces, dots of paint, or just structures that leave traces behind.

Here is one other work I recently captured in my studio:

©Stefan J Schaffeld - Traces #6
© Stefan J Schaffeld – Traces #6 – 70x50cm (28×20″)

You can see more about ‘Traces’ at my portfolio page:

Color expressive abstracts juried exhibition

You can see 5 of my works at the current  juried exhibition with the Contemporary Art Gallery.  The theme of the exhibition is Color


© Stefan J Schaffeld, Soulscape #248, gouache on paper, 70x50cm
© Stefan J Schaffeld, Soulscape #248 – Gouache on pape – 70x50cm


Expressive abstract paintings juried exhibition

Just to let you guys know that you can find some of my works in the Contemporary Art Gallery exhibition of Abstract Art. You can find the current exhibition (competition) under:


When you click on the picture you will redirected to the exhibtion of my 5 shown works:

Stefan J  Schaffeld - Soulscape #69 - Gouache on paper 50x70cm - Expressive abstract painting
©Stefan J Schaffeld – Soulscape #69 – Gouache on paper 50x70cm



Portfolio update Expressive Abstracts

Dear friends,

this is to let you know that I completely updated my art portfoio. Please visit and comment and share.

You can access my portfolio either by the link ‘My Portfolio’ on the left side bar, or directly from here: My Portfolio

I attach here one my most recent pictures for your enjoyment:

©Stefan J Schaffeld -
©Stefan J Schaffeld – Gouache on paper – 50x70cm

Expressive painting in colorful garden spirit

Taken the time in the garden and enjoying the various lives that exists there. I can feel the vibrant flow of the movements of the butterflies, and the colorful  joy of the flowers.  This all gives an impression and touches the soul.

I can take this with me, it is already a way of healing.  But there is more and so it gets out on the paper in creation of the art that heals further. Hopefully, it will inspire others to feel the spirit once again.

Gouache on paper 70x50cm by Stefan J Schaffeld
Gouache on paper 70x50cm by Stefan J Schaffeld

Garden painting with expressive touch

What a beauty a garden is. How positive it can touches your soul and your emotions. There is so much beauty and inspiration coming from God’s creations that you watch humble how the various lives are growing and developing.
Is it not amazing how color can change your mood? While your inner part sometimes creates uneasiness, how wonderful those colors can make your other part more relaxed.
This truly touches my soul and leaves this colorful transformation to be seen by those who want to get inspired.

Gouache on paper, 70x50cm by Stefan J Schaffeld

Inspirational movements in a garden

On another trip to Zurich I went to the old botanical garden. Several sculptures from Claire Ochsner were exhibited in open space. It is the combination of nature and human creations that makes such a place so unique. The garden environment is so inspirational and you really can feel the intense vibration. That inspired me for this painting, expressing the vibration I felt at that time.

Elements that are winding up and exposed to the open space, are seeking for upwards movement. Captured in this sketchy painting.

Garden sculpture-1
Gouache on paper, 23x30cm by Stefan J Schaffeld