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Expressive narrative in gouache

How to turn an emotional sensing, an idea into a narrative pictorial form? And how than to keep the imagination of the viewer further alert and open?

© Stefan J Schaffeld - Gouache on paper - 5 x 70x100cm (27.5 x 39.4")
© Stefan J Schaffeld – Gouache on paper – 5 x 70x100cm (27.5 x 39.4″)

With an experimental approach in gouache on paper, mostly executed with my naked fingers, the idea came across my mind during a visit of a swimming pool in Switzerland at the ‘Lake of Lucerne’.

Swimming is an free flowing act like the water you are in or the soul that moves around. It does not hold you back, only when you reach the boarder of the pool to turn or to climp out after finishing your turns in water.

Water, free flowing inside the pool and coming out from the shower.

Where am I in this? There is a story perhaps to tell. Perhaps it is just as free flowing without a limit. Or I am just about to leave the picture plane myself for find other images…

You are welcome to find your own story here, with your own experiences, with your own emotions. The flatness although representational form of my paintings should not keep you too long in a story.